Tuesday, July 26, 2011

amazing triumphant birth story, 1 year ago

a year ago this week i was facebook stalking another special scars mama, as she gave us the play by play on her labor and birth over facebook, from the other side of the world where her husband was stationed in Korea.
i learned so much from her birth. it changed my perception of what 'normal' is, and gave me an all-new appreciation for the wonderment of our bodies' capabilities.
lessons i gleaned:
a mama can stay 10cm for a full 24 hours before delivering (sure, why not? lol!), give her time, as long a mama and baby are fine, we don't need to be jumping to any FTP/CPD conclusions, the body is wise!
our bodies heal *amazingly* well, her inverted T scar held perfectly through over a day of transition strength contractions!
a placenta sure can take a longgg time to detach, and everything still be fine. with some mamas, everything just takes time! 29 hours sure is a long time, but sure enough, it detached and birthed on its own!
some doctors respect birth and know when to keep their hands off. (shocking, huh?) this mama had a *great* team of Korean midwives and a doctor for her homebirth, along with a couple of supportive doulas. they all worked together and that doctor certainly has mastered the art of sitting on his hands!
i know i will carry her story in my heart and remember this when i become a midwife, and it's an awesome privilege to serve with her on the Special Scars non-profit board.
here's a link to her story: Amy's VBAC after inverted T.

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