Friday, February 10, 2012

VBA3C and Symmetry

My husband and I joke often because I have the tendency to be a bit anal retentive about certain things.  And for some odd reason I really like symmetry.  My husband is convinced that's why we got pregnant with our fourth, because God knew I liked symmetry (I have other theories about that, but that's for another time lol!). He's the second boy in a girl-boy-girl-boy pattern.  In any case, I like it.  :)
But this post is not about me! Enter Steve and Caryn.  They bring the love of symmetry to a whole new level! They hired me when Caryn was about 12 weeks pregnant with their fourth child.  And it turns out to be a girl in a boy-girl-boy-girl pattern.  Their boys' names start with C and their girl names start with S.  They also have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and yep you guessed it, they are 1 of each gender, and the males' names start with C and females with S.  I love this family!
But there is one thing that does not fall into their symmetry pattern.  I'll get to that in just a second.
Caryn and Steve hired me because they wanted this baby to be a VBAC.  After 3 c-sections.  (Sound familiar?) I am very eager to help, this being so close to my heart, and she throws herself into preparing. (her blogspot about her journey!
This mama's c-section history is enough to make any birthie person ask for a barf bag, and it pains me that she had to endure 3 cesareans for the most bogus, ridiculous reasons! But here she was, educating herself, considering a bigger family than c-sections would safely allow her to have, and feeling confident this was the choice God had led them to. I adore her!
Labor started early yesterday morning, and I arrived about 9:30am.  We ran through a circuit of positions because her baby was still too posterior for this doula's comfort (Ugh I did not want malposition to sabotage this mamas birth! No way!)
We got to the hospital about 12:15 or so and she is 3-4 cm.  Too early for my liking, but she's having hard labor contractions now (posterior baby) and I can't imagine getting her into the car to leave at this point! But all that wouldn't matter, because she PLOWED through labor and transition like a freight train and was 10 cm and pushing a little more than 2 hours later! And for a mama with CPD and a posterior baby, she pushed out an 8lb 10oz baby in 34 minutes!! Absolutely amazing!!  Tears of joy!! VBA**3**C!! I love it!!
I'll post her birth story as soon as she writes it! 

So, since she's now had 3 babies by cesarean and 1 baby by VBAC, I guess that means she needs to do this a couple more times so they can get their symmetry really perfect again. ;-)