Sunday, June 19, 2011

for crying out loud

ok Christian mamas, how is it that as Christian women, we have bought into the lie that our bodies are basically inept garbage, rarely birth safely, and need all this medical intervention and the 30+% c-section rate to birth? i mean, aren't we, after all, created in the image of our *amazing* God, who made our bodies for this very purpose, to grow and birth babies? ladies we've bought into deception and we need to rise up and challenge this, and reclaim an incredible essence of our womanhood, that God designed to be a beautiful, empowering, life-changing experience!

disclosure-- yes, i concede there are times when things go wonky, we do live in a fallen world. but these are the exceptions, not the norm, and God made the body incredibly to overcome all kinds of things... we are fearfully and wonderfully made! just sayin'! <3